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Daytona clutch springs are designed to be 20%-40% harder than standard. Has high resilience and heat resistance. Made from SWOSC-V, a material that mostly used for making Valve Spring that imported directly from Japan. This material has resistance to high temperatures and better fatigue resistance compared to Hi-Carbon Steel. The hardness level has gone through a long research process, so it doesn't feel too hard when pressed but has a fairly high resilience.
Advantages of Daytona Clutch Spring;
• Made of SWOSC material made in Japan
• Through the process of Double-shot peening and
cold pre-stressing.
• Designed to be 20-40% tougher than the original.
• Faster response.
• Increase Acceleration.
For maximum performance, replace the clutch cable with a new one if the cable pull is felt heavy due to dirt and dust.

Daytona - Proven Performance