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Daytona Launch New Clutch CVT Spring

01 October 2020
      Daytona Azia, After Succeed With It's Clutch Shoe, Again Now Release New Product Specially  For Scooter, The Product Is CVT Spring. About 10 Years Ago Daytona Had  Issued The Similar Product. This Time, However, With Much Higher Specifications And Materials.
      Uniquely, This Daytona CVT Is Designed And Developed Based On Standard OEM CVT Spring. To Maintain Consistency Of Specs, Daytona Tested And Analyzed Data From All Standard CVT Springs And Then Produced 10%, 20% Or 35% Harder Than Standard CVT Spring. The Use Of The Term RPM Is Only Used As A Reference, Because The Term "RPM" Cannot Be Used In The Production Process And Base For Product Specifications, Where The Unit For The Level Of Hardness Used Is Kg / Nm.
      Daytona CVT Spring Is Made With SWOSC-V Material From Japan. This Material Is Known As The Cleanest Steel Material And Is Commonly Used As A Material For Making Valve Springs Which Are Resistant To High Temperatures. In Addition, In The Manufacturing Process Through The Process Of Shot Peening And Cold Pre-stressing Which Can Minimize Shrinkage Of CVT Spring After Use.
Daytona CVT Spring Comes With 3 Colors. White For 10% Up, Orange For 20% Up And Gold For 35% Up.
      For Daily Use, Both Standard Machines And Low To Medium Modification Engines Is Recommended To Only Use The 10% Up Type. A CVT Spring That Is Too Hard Can Damage Other CVT Components And Even Make The Top Speed Of The Motorbike Decrease Drastically.
      Therefore The Use Of Per CVT 20% And 35% Up Is Only Recommended For Use In Racing And Extreme Modification.
Daytona CVT Spring Is Sold For Only 98rb For Scooter Under 150cc And 115rb For Matic 150cc, A Very Competitive Price Compared To CVT Spring On The Market.
      This CVT Spring Can Be Purchase At The Daytona Store And Also Through Online Purchases Via:
      Tokopedia & Shopee: Daytonaid
      Bukalapak: Daytonaindonesia
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